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Practices December 1, 2015

Think Tampa Bay’s condo market is booming? You should see Miami’s

MIAMI — Peter Zalewski talks so fast that listeners wonder when he has time to breathe. But his rat-a-tat speech is appropriate for a man who makes his living tracking a condo market growing at breakneck pace. “Here, the $1.8 billion first phase of Miami Worldcenter, 482 units,” Zalewski says during a sweltering tour of […]

Practices December 1, 2015

How to use Fulfillment by Amazon to Jump-start your Internet Business

Shhhh! It’s one of the best kept secrets on the Internet… Like all great secrets, it’s hidden in plain sight. The program was already open for a while by the time I stumbled upon it, and since then, I’ve used it to launch my business selling on Amazon to a full-time income. The Secret is: […]